Who We Are

Who We Are tells you all about Provident Insurance; our heritage, awards, accreditations and our dedication to providing the best customer service that we can. 

Strong Heritage

50 years UK motor insurance experience

We know what we’re doing...

Provident Insurance is a trading name of Covéa Insurance. Covéa insurance is a member of one of Europe's leading mutual insurance groups, Covéa. 

With the support of such a strong mutual group behind us, we're perfectly placed to deliver the quality, consistency and financial reassurance that we know you value. Together, we have over 50 years' UK experience in providing UK Motor Insurance.

Accreditations and Awards

World class accredited claims service

We take pride in delivering great customer service...

We understand what it’s like to be a customer and what makes a great customer experience. We’ve been awarded the ServiceMark with Distinction by the Institute of Customer Service, which recognises our commitment to delivering great customer service. 


Fighting Insurance Fraud

We're members of the Insurance Fraud Bureau and the Insurance Fraud Investigators Group

We're fighting to keep your insurance premiums low...

Insurance fraud is estimated to cost the insurance industry £2.1 billion every year, adding on average £50 to every insurance premium*. We're members of the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB), which was set up by Insurers to disrupt and co-ordinate action against people committing organised insurance crime in the UK. We don’t think you should be paying for fraud and therefore we're vigilant when it comes to detecting fraud. Put simply, the less fraudulent claims we pay for, means the lower we can make your premiums, meaning you pay less for your insurance.


*Source: Insurance Fraud Bureau statistics, 2014.

Community Values

We've donated over £10,000 to local causes last year

We're giving back...

At the heart of our business is a genuine desire to create a positive impact on the places where we work and live. We recognise that our community starts with our people and we support causes close to our hearts, creating opportunities to give something back and make real, lasting changes.

Our support isn't limited to our local community - we have over 1000 employees across the UK who help to support a number of causes, which includes volunteering at schools and participating in fundraising initiatives for national charities. We 've built some strong, long-lasting relationships with charities, schools and organisations, creating some incredible memorable moments along the way.